Ransom: The Untold Story of International Kidnapping

ransomRansom: The Untold Story of International Kidnapping (Henry Holt, Hardcover, 1998/ Owl Books, Paperback, 1999) chronicles a two-year journey behind the scenes of the post-Cold War surge in kidnappings worldwide. Based partly on interviews at Scotland Yard, the FBI and a British firm Control Risks Group, it reveals the new world of privatized security and kidnap negotiations. The narrative focuses on a July 4, 1995 kidnapping by Islamic extremists in Kashmir. One part British and one part American, the book is the first close look at the privatization of negotiating kidnappings.

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Praise for Ransom:

“Reads like a tautly written thriller.” — Dayton Daily News

“A riveting account of the dramatic growth in global abductions.” — Business Week

“A book that is hard to put down.” — Escape magazine

“Virtually every day an innocent person is kidnapped somewhere in the world. Often behind the event is a tale of heroism and heartbreak. This book tells that story.” –Terry Waite, former hostage