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Listen to Ann on 93.1 WYSO

Ann Hagedorn talks not only about the issues raised in The Invisible Soldiers: How America Outsourced Our Security, but the hard work and determination it takes to write about such a complicated and fluid topic in this interview with the Yellow Springs, Ohio-based radio station.

Listen to her full interview with 93.1 WYSO here.

Ann on ‘In Depth’

Ann Hagedorn shared the story of former Special Forces translator Kadhim Alkanani, who was shot by a U.S. military contractor in Iraq, on “In Depth” with Francis Rose among other topics related to the private military industry.

Listen to the Ann’s full appearance on the Federal News Radio program here.

Listen to Ann on ‘Up to Date’

Ann Hagedorn was recently featured on Kansas City, Mo.-based KCUR’s “Up to Date” program.

In the interview, Ann talks about how private military contractors came to dominate the U.S. war zones in the Middle East. Beginning in March 2003, a “bonanza of contracts” gave rise to many of the largest private military companies that have gone on to receive billions of dollars from the U.S. government in support of its missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Listen to Ann’s full appearance on “Up to Date” here.