The Dayton Daily News congratulates Ann on winning the 2015 Ohioana Award in Nonfiction for The Invisible Soldiers.

“The strength of “Invisible Soldiers” is the impressive depth of Hagedorn’s reporting: copious interviews, generous use of sources, and a compelling narrative that focuses on people caught in the crossfire, notably Kadhim Alkanani, an Iraqi immigrant who joined the U.S. Special Forces and returned to Iraq to show his loyalty to his new country, only to be mistakenly shot by a U.S. contractor.” — Los Angeles Times

Ralph Nader ranked The Invisible Soldiers #1 on his list of Recommended Holiday Reading for the Agitated Mind.

Dayton Daily News review: “’Invisible Soldiers’ is fascinating, unbiased, thorough, and doggedly well researched.”

The Invisible Soldiers was cited in British newspaper The Independent pertaining to the sheer scale of PMSC involvement in US’s national security apparatus.

Book review in The Wall Street Journal called The Future of Blackwater and Other Guns for Hire says “the story of how private military security companies came to play a pivotal role in wartime operations is an important one, and Ann Hagedorn, a former reporter for the Journal, was right to take it on.” 

-In response to the WSJ review: “Ms. Hagedorn has accurately and objectively begun what should be a national dialogue on the true costs of our use of a mercenary force structure.”

The Plain Dealer calls The Invisible Soldiers a “well-reported and eye-opening book” and says that this ” thoughtful book should kick-start a long-overdue debate”.

Review in the Saturday Column of the Lawrence Journal-World: “The book, likely to be a best-seller, is sure to cause a firestorm.”

Newark Advocate review New Hagedorn book should stir national debate says The Invisible Soldiers is “a book historians might someday say made a big difference.” 

Q&A between Ann and U.S. News & World Report called Who is fighting America’s battles?

The Kansas City Star published a review called The dangers of outsourcing U.S. security detailed in “The Invisible Soldiers: How America Outsourced Our Security.

Ann was quoted in an Al-Monitor article about the possibility of private military contractors heading back to Iraq.

Talking Points Memo published an excerpt from The Invisible Soldiers called Privatized Mayhem: How America Outsourced Our National Security.

“Hagedorn lucidly describes the long-range challenges to democracy caused by the privatization of security.” — Publishers Weekly, Starred review

Publishers Weekly named The Invisible Soldiers one of “The Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2014”!

Publishers Weekly included The Invisible Soldiers in their Military Books 2014 feature called The Way We War.

“A critique of the United States‘ fateful turn toward private military and security contractors as a consequence of the Iraq War… Hagedorn deftly handles a complex and sometimes-grisly topic… A brisk, disturbing account that adds to the sense that liberties taken in the war on terror have created long-term liabilities for American society.” — Kirkus Reviews

The Boston Globe included The Invisible Soldiers in their Sunday book column.

Salon published an excerpt from The Invisible Soldiers called Militarized police are everywhere: “When police officers are armed and trained like soldiers, it’s not surprising that they act like soldiers”.

David Isenberg’s “Isenberg Institute of Strategic Satire” blog posted the Los Angeles Times review in ‘The Invisible Soldiers’ warns of private security forces’ rise. As did The Kansas City Star in their books section and the Detroit Free Press in a review called ‘Invisible Soldiers’ a cogent look at private military security firms.